JJ Signature Facials   60 mins  $95

Natural Botox   80 mins $180

Ultra acne & LED light  60 mins $140 

* VIP package deal 10 times $1150 + 2 times free

Diamond Dermabrasion  60mins $110

Ultra lifting & Whitening  60mins $120

* VIP package deal 10 times $900 + 2 times free

Omega light LED Dual + IPL light  60mins $100

( Anti-aging, Whitening, Acne, Hydrating * choice one )

*VIP package deal 10times + 2 times free $700

O2Oxygen Single Facial  70min $120(first time or VIP customer)

O2Oxygen Single Facial  70min $150(return customer) 

*Appointment cancellation policy.
You may cancel your appointment with on to charge to 24 hours preceding your appointment.
Same day cancellation will be charge to 50% of the service price.
If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment.
You will be charged full price for the schedule service. 

Any purchased service not available refund.

All prices may change without notice and not include tip and tax.