VIP membership is available for singles


VIP membership is available for couples


VIP Benefits include:

1) One free 60 min. body massage during month of your birthday.
2) $55/visit for singles & $105/visit for couples massage, tax is waived.
3) You will be issued a stamp card that is stamped each visit (includes visit of sign-up) which earns a free massage after 10 stamps.

SPECIAL DEAL ( VIP member and First time customer)

*All special prices require prepayment

*Require prepay and call us make an appointment

JJ Special Couple Body Massage

60 mins  $105

JJ Special Single Body Massage

60 mins $55

JJ Signature Facials

60 mins $65

JJ Signature Single Facial

60 mins $65

JJ Signature Couple Facial

60 mins $125

JJ Foot Massage

10 mins $15

20 mins $25

30 mins $35

60 mins $80

$50 (First time discount)

*Appointment cancellation police.
You may cancel your appointment with on to charge to 24 hours preceding your appointment.
Same day cancellation will be charge to 50% of the service price.
If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment.
You will be charged full price for the schedule service.

*All prices may change without notice and not include tip and tax.


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