VIP membership is available for singles


VIP membership is available for couples


VIP Benefits include:

1) One free 60 min. body massage during month of your birthday.
2) $55/visit for singles & $105/visit for couples massage, tax is waived.
3) You will be issued a stamp card that is stamped each visit (includes visit of sign-up) which earns a free massage after 10 stamps.

VIP Customer 


Aroma oil or hot stone you can choose ($15value  free)

With out facials massage

*All special prices require prepayment

*Require prepay and call us make an appointment

JJ Signature couple massage 

doTERRA aromatherapy

60 mins  $105

JJ Signature single massage

doTERRA aromatherapy 

60 mins $55

JJ Signature Single Facial

60 mins $65

JJ Signature Couple Facial

60 mins $125

JJ Foot Massage

10 mins $15

20 mins $25

30 mins $35

60 mins $80

$50 (First time discount)